'Agrodome' is a transparent, breathable, stackable and portable system for farmers

‘Agrodome’ is developed by Mexico based NOS Design Consulting to provide a micro-climate in individual pods to mimic greenhouse conditions on the fields. It allows the users to plant and germinate directly on the ground without needing to transplant the sprout and avoid the need to transplant the shoots from a greenhouse to their final destination. That’s the primary purpose of ‘Agrodome.’ 

NOS Design Consulting
NOS Design Consulting

‘Agrodome’ achieves this through its shape, which resembles a transparent umbrella with a funnel running down its centre. The funnel helps water flow directly underground for better absorption, with holes that filter the water once buried.
NOS Design Consulting

It can funnel both the rainfall and artificial watering system used on the fields. This funnel also acts as the central support system for the modular unit, when buried into the soil.

The dome regulates the internal temperature by trapping the sun's radiations, simulating the greenhouse effect while protecting the plants natural elements. Small holes on the surface help release the oxygen produced by the plant into the air. It also helps protect the plants from the elements through its dome profile.
NOS Design Consulting

The dome can be easily stacked for better storage and transport, thanks to the hollow and conical central part. 


The crown can be adjusted in height according to the plants' state, either by lifting the central stake or pushing it towards the ground.


The design's modularity also allows the domes to move and rotate around the field depending on the growing and harvest cycles, with dimensions of 1 m in both width and length, and a height of 80 cm that maximizes space per square meter in the growing area.

NOS Design Consulting

‘Agrodome’ is a sustainable product manufactured using natural polymers or plastic polymers such as recycled PET. Protection and efficiency in the crops' production while avoiding the risk of damage in the respective sowing are the main benefit of using this technology.



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