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Design City curators strive to deliver the best content focusing on projects driven by sustainability and stories which have a transformative effect of ecology. We focus on the news having a positive impact through design from around the world. Design City is the best resource for providing information and inspiration to professionals and students in designing our cities, buildings, and every day more sustainably.

There are no formal criteria for selection, but in general, we are looking for content that is promoting sustainable design, innovation, transformative design stories, and right images are a must.

How to submit a project:

We have made it easy for you to share your projects with us for consideration of getting published! If you have completed a significant project, or want to share a story, submit using the form to help us understand your project. You must ensure you have the Copywrite permission of all the material provided by you, especially the images.

To submit, provide us text explaining the project and other details, as mentioned in the form below.

Submitting Images

Please share good quality jpegs (at least 3000 pixels on the shorter sides), through the link of filesharing using the form below. We believe with jpegs, the more - the better, so please share a high number of images. Please have a look at our copyright policy before submitting the material. Please ensure you send us credits for the photos.

Our readers love concept sketches, plans, sections, technical details, drawings. Technical drawings are essential tools for both professionals and students to understand your project, and we highly recommend these as part of your submission where possible.

Submitting Videos

Video content is one of the best ways to tell the story behind your project. If you have created videos for your project, you can choose to submit that as part of the submission. Share the link (could be YouTube link) of the video with us, using the form. If we like It, we will get in touch with you.

We would first upload it to our channels (YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and Facebook) and then embed in on the project page. If we need to edit it, we will get in touch with you first.

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