Featured Artist: Pato JC Fonseca from Mexico


Illustration and digital collage help me express myself in a free, more experimental way, adding value and a lot of colours to create parallel worlds that only exist in my head. Here I can create flying whales or place a sky full of stars at the feet of our protagonists, reinterpreting the same space, changing the colour palette.

My works include characters from the movies and imaginary ones that I integrate into this metaphoric world of science fiction.

Collage has shown me that interesting things can come from placing them randomly. The narrative is crucial to me, far from hyper-realistic renderings.  This technique allows me to mix drawings, paintings, music, illustrations and videos. Short videos, for me, break down barriers and reinforce our stories.

Pato JC Fonseca
Pato JC Fonseca


I am an architect from Jalisco, Mexico. I have practised design and architecture for more than 10 years with experience ranging from Residential, Hotel, Commercial, Apartment Buildings, Stadiums, and Airports, both inside and outside of Mexico.

I have always been interested in art, and I try to mix all aspects of fine arts in each of my projects, including the viewer. The viewer experience and the added value they perceive when entering a space are essential to me.

I work across different mediums including photography, interior design, landscaping, furniture design, retail window displays, art and illustrations. My experimentation and search for new ways of transmitting emotions have led me to develop my illustration and digital collage work.

Using the tools provided by social networks, I have connected my personal brands: @patolepatan and @fonselab, along with different companies and talented people, showing how collage and illustration are a marvellous aid to architecture. I have exhibited art locally, in design publications and on various architectural platforms globally. For me, it is vital to integrate art and architecture into daily life and create awareness regarding how important it is for human development.



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