PLP Architects has revealed designs for a new residential building built on biophilic principles

Located in the iconic Orchard neighbourhood of Singapore, the new residential building by PLP Architects is designed to embrace vertical living, surrounded by greenery. The 21-storey tower is designed to maximise Human-Nature interface by introducing biophilic elements in the vertical dimension.

Park Nova is designed as a biophilic enclave, rising above the surrounding greenery and embraces Singapore’s ‘City in Nature’ philosophy.

Shun Tak Holdings
Shun Tak Holdings

Singapore's Landscape Replacement Policy, a law passed in 2014, requires the replacement of any greenery lost due to development with publicly accessible green spaces with an equal area in the new building.

The design of the tower is inspired by the context, history and the tropical setting of Singapore. The tower contains 54 residences and is designed to maximise natural light in the apartments and unique 270-degree panoramic views across the city’s skyline through full-height windows. Each apartment’s interior spaces seamlessly connect to generous planted terraces and gardens, marrying the outdoor environment with the comforts of home and creating a natural barrier to noise and air pollution.

The tower shape is inspired by the form of a butterfly. The building is elevated above the treeline on slender columns, to free the landscape on ground floor and features gently undulating floorplates, arranged into three wings to maximise the potential for natural shading and ventilation.

Shun Tak Holdings

The green public spaces are distributed throughout the building to increase the building’s green footprint and improve residents’ wellbeing. “A variety of dedicated resident amenity spaces complement the healthy living experience at the building, promoting resident wellbeing and active lifestyles. The lush landscape level has been raised above the ground and houses a pool, jacuzzi, meditation deck, concierge and intimate residents’ pavilion. The sky terrace, which occupies the 14th floor and includes a gym and lounge, private function room, and additional outdoor space, contributes to the building’s striking form,” the studio told Design City. 

The architects through this tower design aims to bring a new focus on modern metropolitan living and aims to redefine urban living in the garden city. Park Nova has been designed by PLP Architects for Shun Tak Holdings and is being delivered in collaboration with P&T Group.



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Although we draw from a rich history and experience of working together on projects around the world, we have a culture of a young start-up. We value innovation and creativity as we strive to test limits. We produce intelligent, exciting and groundbreaking designs through a continual commitment to social, economic and environmental ideals. The office shuns preconceptions, fixed architectural styles or methods, allowing each project to become a unique opportunity to research, analyse and creatively respond to the brief, site and context.

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