ODA’s project in Buenos Aires recycles 80% of the original structure into offices and a public park

ODA’s project in Buenos Aires recycles 80% of the original structure into offices and a public park

New York-based practice, ODA has revealed design for their first project in Buenos Aires, Paseo Gigena, which will convert a decaying parking structure into Class A office building, featuring a rooftop public park.

The adaptive re-use project utilises 80% of the existing structure and lies between the racecourse and the popular park ‘El Rosedal de Palermo’, aiming to reconnect the previously separated neighbourhoods.

Paseo Gigena by ODA
ODA | Street View 
Paseo Gigena by ODA
ODA | Roof top view 

"We have an abandoned concrete infrastructure that does not speak at all with its surroundings nor is useful for the city and its inhabitants," explained the architect and urban planner, Álvaro García Resta, secretary of the Urban Development of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. “For this reason, the goal is to transform the three-storey building into a “multipurpose development,” he added.

Bueno Aires has been witnessing renaissance over the past few years with various old structures being given new lease of life through refurbishment projects.

The effort is made possible through government intervention and partnership with the private agencies to create more public spaces throughout the city while making this development economically sustainable.

Paseo Gigena by ODA
ODA | Aerial View

“This project is a great example of the private sector working with the government to create a truly unique typology that will benefit the city and its citizens for decades to come,” said ODA founder, Eran Chen.


Chen continues, “These types of partnerships are the future. It’s ambitious and takes bravery and bold leadership on all fronts, but when this is completed, we will have a park that will become an icon for the city, and quite possibly the coolest office building in the southern hemisphere. If you want to get people back to work, then we need to be thinking like this.”


The new 160,000-square feet of new development, replaces the concrete shell of the existing structure to add cafes, restaurants, retail, open-air promenade, offices, and a sheltered parking lot.

The sweeping roof gesture is both functional and form driven, extending the park up to the roof of the building, creating a continuous public loop. The façade is a mixture of glass and concrete with sweeping curves, helping it blend with the landscape.

This gesture creates 40,000 square feet of urban public space on the rooftop, green spaces complemented by commercial brewery, and shared-along office tenants and visitors. The sprawling green space offers 360-degree views with easy access to the main highway, providing easy accessibility with the city.

Paseo Gigena by ODA
ODA | Street View

Eran Chen, previously, has completed restoration of a historical refinery, creating new office space at 10 Jay Street in New York.

Paseo Gigena pushes the sustainability agenda forward by leveraging Nature to bring together two disconnected areas of the city. By re-purposing a neglected structure, the design adds value and creates green network with the adjacent park, affecting the overall microclimate of the area and wellbeing of the people.



ODA is an architectural firm based in New York. Founded in 2007, it has quickly become one of the most recognized companies of its generation, establishing a reputation for delivering creative and disruptive designs. Seeking to transform architectural priorities by always putting people first, ODA challenges conventional housing perspectives that influence life in our cities.  This prolific firm has completed more than 50 projects in the US, and is currently working on more than 30 projects in the US and abroad of varying size and typologies. Founder, Eran Chen, has built a portfolio of award-winning projects which have been praised for their social responsibility and innovative contributions to contemporary urban life.