Forma Aterlier proposes modular treehouses to create a feedback loop between people and nature

Mexico based practice Forma Atelier have revealed Treehouse Prototypes that can easily adapt to any surface and climate. The prototypes are designed for easy fabrication and reproduction and placed within the rural area near The Mothe Chandeniers in Loudon, France.

The treehouse modules' design is based on a system od measure of 0.30x0.40 meters, composed out of Steel, Wood and glass. The choice of material was due to their ease of construction and assembly. The designers wanted to créate a feedback loop between people and nature to Foster creativity through these treehouses' design.

Forma Atelier
Forma Atelier

Forma Atelier said, "These materials were chosen for their easy use in construction, the glass allows us to visually permeate between the interior and exterior of the prototypes, the wood provides us with the cosy atmosphere that we conceptualize and the steel gives us the safety and durability of the prototypes."

"The treehouses are a source of refuge, dreams and adventure that we all experience during our childhood; however, the daily life that each individual experiences, forges that the essence of these refuges is transformed into a limited area that only meets basic daily needs, for this reason, we consider it necessary to create spaces that allow feedback on the link between man and nature, so this in turn, is nourished by new experiences that foster creativity." Explains the Studio.

The Studio continues, "The prototypes have the versatility to adapt to any surface and any climate, thanks to their modulation modules can be attached to the necessary walls depending on their orientation, due to the triangular shape of the prototype allowing us to create eaves for sunbathing."

The Studio aims to créate a refuge for free thoughts and creativity immersed in nature. The project was submitted as an entry for the 'treehouse module' competition for young architects.

Forma Atelier
Forma Atelier | Axonometric diagram.
Forma Atelier | Axonometric diagram.
Forma Atelier | Ground floor plan of 100 m3 module.
Forma Atelier | 1st-floor plan of 100 m3 module.
Section A of 100 m3 module.
Section B of 100 m3 module.
Ground floor plan of 65 m3 module.
1st-floor plan of 65 m3 module.
Section A of 65 m3 module.
Section B of 65 m3 module.



Name: Treehouse module
Architects: Forma Atelier
Lead Architect: Carlos Eduardo Cruz Ay
Project Team: Carlos Eduardo Cruz Ay, SalvadorHuerta
Competition: Treehouse module
Oranizer: Young Architects Competition (YAC)
Location: Castle of the Mothe-Chandeniers, Loudun, France



Forma Atelier is an architecture studio founded in Mexico City and La Paz, Baja California Sur in early 2020.

We have a research methodology as part of the design process, where exploration, observation and reflection are the main elements to take into account during the conceptualization of our projects.

Through embodied architecture, we seek to have a unique style through our illustrations, conceptualized as digital art. This has allowed collaboration with renowned firms throughout the country. is founded by Carlos Eduardo Cruz Ay, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the Technological Institute of La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico in 2016.