C. F. Moller completes the new laboratory building for Karolinska Institute with a light-filled atrium

Biomedicum is the new laboratory building in Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, aiming to foster an environment of collaboration and experience with its transparent building design.

Designed by C F Møller Architects, the building boasts an eight-floor-high atrium, with laboratories around it. The atrium, with its glass roof and lanterns, lets in plenty of daylight. Glass covered atrium helps in creating visual connections with the outdoor and reinforces its greening strategies with plant-covered walls in the slits that extend from the entrance floor up to the top floor of the building. Here the verticality is enhanced, and the greenery peeks out and becomes visible from the exterior.

Mark Hadden 
Mark Hadden 
Mark Hadden 

The 65000 square metre building, with its transparent design, reinforces an inviting public entrance on the ground floor with access to many shared facilities. By splitting the structure into four volumes, the institute opens up towards the park and the city and the new university hospital, Nya Karolinska Solna, located next door.

C F Møller | Concept Sketch 01
C F Møller | Concept Sketch 02
Site Plan
C F Møller | Site Plan

Biomedicum will be one of the first laboratories in Sweden to be certified according to the Environmental Building Silver standard. The suspended atrium ceiling with large dome-shaped lanterns lets in daylight and also functions as lamps in winters. This design also gives the atrium a strong identity along with its many environmental strategies. Continuous double-shell facade and lantern fittings help in optimising daylight and the thermal climate in the atrium. Each glass section in the double-shell is angled to create life in the façade and perceived differently from different angles. It is almost entirely transparent; from one side green and closed, and from the other side practically completely glazed and mirrored.

Mark Hadden 
Mark Hadden 
C F Møller | Sustainability diagram.
Mark Hadden 
Mark Hadden 

To create a world class research facility, modularity and flexible layout is a crucial requirement. Biomedicum is created as a sustainable structure that allows for changes without disrupting ongoing research.

Biomedicum won the Building of the Year, 2019 in Sweden among many excellent shortlisted entries. Projects by design offices such as the Swedish office Wingardhs and the Danish office Henning Larsen were running, with C.F. Moller Architects' Biomedicum ultimately winning the award. Building of the Year is the most prestigious prize in the public sector, and it focuses on the fantastic projects that are being realised in Sweden every year.

Mark Hadden 
Mark Hadden 
Mark Hadden 
Mark Hadden 

After winning the award, this is what Marten Leringe, Partner and Architect at C.F. Moller Architects had to say "We are both happy and proud that Biomedicum is receiving this prize. Thanks to the excellent collaboration with Akademiska Hus and the Karolinska Institute, the building has achieved a high level of architectural quality." 



Developer and project management: Akademiska Hus
Contractor: Skanska
Architect: C.F. Møler Architects
Commencement of construction: Autumn 2013
Construction completed: Spring 2018
Gross Area: 65,000 m2
Price: SEK 2,050m
Image: Mark Hadden



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